Are You the Next RichFriend?


It’s amazing the difference one year can make…

A year ago I was still working in my corporate job longing for the day when I could finally resign.

It was the culmination of spending the previous 5 years prepping myself to finally quit my job so I can step in to my business full time.

Yet I was still there.

I saved, planned, thought and over thought.

But I was still there!

Miserably committed to someone else’s dream for my life.

I knew I wanted out and also knew I had the tools (and nest egg) to step out there but that uncertainty in the back of my mind held me down.

Then something amazing happened.

I enrolled in a course that skyrocketed my confidence and changed my mindset COMPLETELY!

It was the last piece to a bigger puzzle that confirmed my path to entrepreneurship was right where it needed to be.

The course I’m speaking of is Nicole Walters’ widely popular $1K1Day Academy.

You’ve probably heard about it or seen it in your news feed in the last few days. That’s because doors will be opening soon to cycle #4.

I’m a proud alum of $1K1Day (cycle1) and I’m excited for the new students who’s lives are about to change for the better.

If you’re on the list then that could be you!

If not, then I’m inviting you to signup through my affiliate link:

Looking forward to saying hello to the newest #RichFriends of Cycle #4!