My Reason Why


Some entrepreneurs will show you the piles of money they earned from their big launches or photos from their exotic vacations. I prefer to share pics like these where l get to hang out with my VIP.

Being able to run my own schedule is what I enjoy the most as an entrepreneur because I can make time for what matters to me.

So happy I was able to say yes to being a guest reader in my son’s class today.

6 months ago I would have had to ask my boss for permission to take the day off. What a difference a few months can make.

If you’ve been struggling with how to get from asking for permission to setting your own schedule then let’s talk.

She Met Her Goal!

How many of you are aware of the ‪#‎1000BlackGirlBooks‬ initiative started by a young girl named Marley Dias?

Marley’s story is about her love for reading. Frustrated with the stories she had access to, Marley decided to start a campaign to find 1000 books where the main characters looked more like her.

Well she recently met her goal and today I was tagged in a picture of her holding a book I illustrated!

Marley Dias holding “I Know I Can”.
Written by Veronica Chapman & Illustrated by Daveia Odoi.
Photo Copyright Grass Roots Foundation.

Also there’s a great lesson here… we really can impact our world, it just takes action and a little creativity. 11 year old Marley is a great example for all of us.

To read more about Marley’s inspiring story see this recent article:

My First Month As a Entrepreneur

It’s been roughly 30 days since I said goodbye to a job I knew for the last 10 years and hello to entrepreneurship. Yes, I resigned from my comfort zone back on October 20, 2015. I’ve been planning and praying towards that day for years so when the moment finally came it felt so good! The feeling was and still is the equivalent of being on an amazing roller coaster ride full of ups, downs, twists and turns all moving at lightening speed, yet smiling (and screaming) all the way!


What’s happened in the one month since I’ve changed my life:


  1. Knowing that I can never do this alone has humbled me greatly.
  2. Mondays are no longer a dreadful pain in my inner most beings. I like Mondays now.
  3. I can come and go as I please. No need to ask for permission to run errands at 2 in the afternoon.
  4.  I’ve raised my prices and am now engaging with clients who not only get me but value my worth as well.
  5. I’ve grabbed the attention of major brand influencers (hey Essence Mag!) who’ll be featuring my product line The DynaSmiles in their holiday buying list for 2015.
  6. I’ve reconnected with some amazing individuals who I now have the time to learn from and grow with exponentially.
  7. I’ve secured partnerships with two (2) business entities to bring in work for at least the next year.


  1. “When am I getting paid?” — Going from a steady income to unsteady pay outs is not fun at all.
  2. “I’m not playing on my laptop, I’m really working.” — Having to explain to my extended family and friends over and over again that I really am working can get tiresome.
  3. “Mommy are you done with your work yet?” — My family needs me too so knowing when to stop working is a huge learning curve for me. I’m learning though… my family is my priority so working around the clock can’t be my life.


This is My Story

I’ve always believed that anything is possible. However, growing up, my dreams for myself never went too far out as I always played it safe. You know… go to school, get a job, start a family, etc. So I don’t remember dreaming big, or rather, thinking specifically about what I wanted out of life.


If anything, I knew that I should always strive to be my very best, that I cared deeply about the success of others and could draw really, really well. To me, that translated into being the greatest art teacher of all time! — Bob Ross Status. But as far as I knew, an artist was always starving, and since I like to eat, being an artist was absolutely out of the question. — Of course I know better now. I also didn’t want to be told what to draw or when as being creative was my special, personal treasure. It was something I did just for me.

Here’s some of my happy art!

After aimlessly making my way through the first half of college, I finally finished after 6 full years (yes 6, not 4) with a degree in Information Technology.  Not sure what would happen next, I surprisingly landed a job as a graphic designer.  It paid well [compared to my peers], provided health insurance and was close to home.  It turns out, I was very good at it as I picked up the necessary skills rather quickly. After a few years of learning the ropes, I became the lead designer on multiple accounts.

During this time, I became much more focused.  I went back to school and earned a master’s degree in Graphic Communications Technology Management, got married to an amazing guy, moved into a nice neighborhood and birthed a beautiful boy [with hopefully more on the way]. It was also during this time when I laid the foundation for my creative business.

With all things considered, life was good. Yet, in being responsible for a tiny human being, it became clear to me that although my life was good, I was living well below my purpose. What do I mean?